Dear friends, colleagues, speakers and guests of our conference – we have an important message for you!

We are very sorry that the main theme of the XX Payments & XIII Security EMA Conference – The Perfect Storm, has come to life for each of us today, and we have witnessed a global and truly “perfect” storm that makes us take decision to postpone the date of the Conference to June the 10th, 2020.

We hope that by this time we in Ukraine and the whole world will survive these difficult times and return to a normal life and efficient work! From our side, we guarantee that the Conference will definitely take place, and everyone who has paid for the event will attend it! We will inform you of all further news by all possible means!

Let’s be wise, not cunning, respect the right, not self-government, and with mutual support worthily get out of this difficult situation! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! Health and harmony to your families!



Payments Revolution 2020: The Perfect Storm

Payments Revolution 2020: The Perfect Storm – This is exactly how we called our anniversary XX Payments & XIII Security EMA Conference, dedicated to the development of cashless payments, financial inclusion and payment security.

What the participants of the financial and payment market of Ukraine – regulators, banks, non-banking financial institutions, postal services operators, payment aggregators, should do to “ride the wave”, to prevent catastrophic consequences of the “perfect storm”, but, on the contrary, to take advantage of new opportunities for steady growth.

Main topics for payment business development:

1. Target state of FinTech development in Ukraine-2025

  • Technologies and new trends
  • Regulation and Security 
  • Regulators’ investments and system projects

2. Banks, post offices, telecommunications companies, payment institutions. Players and Roles:

  • Appetites and ambitions
  • Implicit challenges and vague prospects

3. This amazing Open Banking:

  • Requirements and responsibility
  • “The customer is always right!” – Price of the question

4. To Be or not to Be: Regulation Dilemma!

  • IRF, MSF
  • Salary «Slavery» VS Salary «Anarchy»
  • POS + RRO + Taxes
  • Open API, fast payments

Main topics of payment security:

1.“Rise of the Machines” – How to Protect a Client?

  • Security of mobile applications and mobile payments
  • On-line lending without a doubt and fears
  • Bank in Smartphone. Security Security

2.To protect ATM – Mission Possible

  • Software and logical break-ins
  • Explosives, gas and other “fantastic creatures”
  • Skimming

3. Double threat: Social Engineering + Cyber-dependent crimes.


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Conference-hall Oazis (Ulʹtramaryn), Vasylia Lypkivskoho St, 1А, Kyiv, 02000